COVID19 Vaccine Update

It has been over 24 hours since I got my Moderna Vaccine shot. Overall, I feel great. No side effects so far. I will say, my arm is pretty tender where they injected me. According to Moderna, the 1st shot should get you roughly 52% immunity after a few weeks. The 2nd shot is the real life saver. After a few weeks following the 2nd shot, it should boost up to 90% or higher immunity. That sounds great to me! I am so grateful to the men and women working these vaccination sites. The process was so smooth and painless. I’m seeing some of the videos of other vaccination sites such as the Disneyland site. Kudos to all involved. To plan and coordinate for thousands of people per day is no small feat. Yes, there are going to be long wait times but from what I’m reading, waiting an hour and a half is well worth the wait. If you are assisting with the vaccinations or testing and you are reading this, Thank You! I don’t expect to have any crazy symptoms moving forward but if I do, I’ll post them here.

1st COVID-19 Shot

Today has been a historic day. The obvious news of the 2nd impeachment of our President. The not-so-obvious is the COVID-19 vaccine distribution. I had the opportunity to get my first dose of the Moderna vaccine today! I work in the senior living industry. The excitement of hope is overwhelming. The hope that we can get our senior living residents safe and back to a sense of normalcy. As I’m writing, our communities are getting vaccinated. We aren’t out of the woods but its a great start to 2021 to end this pandemic.

As far as any side effects, I’ll be updated my experience every day. So far, I feel great. It feels very similar to any flu shot I’ve received in the past. My arm is a bit tender but that is about it. If you have the opportunity to get the vaccine, please do. If not for yourself, please do it for those around you. I understand the hesitancy but trust your medical community. The medical community care about health…not politics.