Adapt to the times: Work environment

It’s May in 2021. We have been working remote (for the most part) for the better part of a year. It may have taken us a few months to figure out our new routines to be productive and comfortable considering the times we are living in. I know it took me some time to reorganize my living space, change it up 2 to 17000 times, and then change it again before I feel semi comfortable. The point is, most of us adapted because that’s how we, as humans, do. We adapt and overcome. Most of us have been indoctrinated in the notion that we have to be in an office in order to be productive and/or to collaborate effectively. The key word is effectively. Fortunately for us, we were forced to challenge that notion. Sink or swim. I believe overall we proved that we can be effective in flexible working environments as much, if not more than your traditional in-office environment. We have the tools to do so thanks to Zoom, Google, Apple, and Microsoft. We all know there are cases that prove otherwise but I’m talking about most cases.

Why would a company want to revert back to the traditional way when the year-plus study has shown effective work productivity? Is it because the leadership is part of an older generation? Not really a great excuse in my mind. Adapting has so many positive impacts. Studies have shown employees that have a flexible work environment are more attentive to their work. This is in part due to the drive to and from work. If you are trying to recruit the best talent in a populated area such as Seattle, requiring the recruit to come into the office daily is a big detractor. Why would a top tiered talent take a company that requires to be in the office over a company that offers flexibility? They wouldn’t.

I completely get those that want or need an office to be productive. I am one of them. I like the change in scenery from my home. There are days where I am super productive from home. The ability to have that work-life balance is a game changer. I am happy. I am happy to have the flexibility to go into an office OR go to my home office. If I am happy, that means the company is happy because I am performing for a company that cares.

My point is companies that have the opportunity to adapt to a flexible work environment should do so. Not just to appease the younger workforce but to respect this COVID-19 mutating virus. We are slowly getting vaccinated but herd immunity is not in sight, nor will it be in sight according to the experts. Here is to adapting to save lives and to build a great work environment.