How do you lose yourself?

We are living in this pandemic where there is a lot of uncertainty. How do you lose yourself? What I mean is, how do you remove yourself from social media and just work on your well-being? My go-to is music. Today, I made it a point to turn off NPR and turn on music that I know every word to. My usual go-to when I need to just get in a thinking mood is a mix of Goo Goo Dolls, Baby Face, and Garth Brooks. A little mix of many genres but it works for me.

In this age of uncertainty, sometimes we need to just lose ourselves from reality. The other night, I had to turn off the TV and start a yoga session. Those 45 minutes of yoga was so soothing. I almost forgot how that felt! What ever your vice is to lose yourself, even for a few moments, please take care of your well-being. I would love to hear what works for you. Who knows? It might help other readers start something new.

2020 Season 2 Episode 2

Yesterday had to be the most I have watched cable news in a long time. It’s not because I truly desire misery. I think it’s because the events that unfolded were historically unbelievable. I am watching history. My future children are going to ask about this day, along with 9/11, start of the Iraq War, the great recession and the pandemic…Wow. I better start writing down my thoughts now before I lose my memory orbs (Inside Out reference).

What unfolded last night? Was I right about unity in Congress? We went from having Senators from Georgia, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Nevada (probably more) noting they are going to contest the electoral college results to only a select few that contested Pennsylvania and Arizona. I will take that as a win. We got to see Lindsay Graham and Kelly Loeffler have a change in heart. By no means does this make them a hero. It did show a sense of unity in the Senate. Overall, I’m glad to see congress confirm the election results.

I have a good feeling 2020 Season 2 will have some great feel-good moments. Personally, I’m going to keep powering through my Yoga with Adriene sessions to get my body and mind right. Like Adriene says, the hardest part is showing up.

2020 Season 2?

New Years Eve of 2020 gave us some hope for the new year. For some reason, we all think that once the clock strikes midnight, our hopes are refilled to 100 just like in a game. For a moment, I felt that! It’s a new year, new goals; a new chapter…And then January 6th 2021 came and slapped us all back to reality.

There is a lot of issues I have with today. There are a lot of feelings that are circulating. I am beyond mad. I am beyond frustrated. It is hard to be hopeful right now. We have the leader of the free World incite to his supporters to fight and march onto the capital. If you think this is inaccurate and say “well, that is not what he meant.” IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT HE MEANT. It’s about the message, tone, and position of influence. He “lead” a group (from his comfy confines of the White House) to the capital building. They managed to break through barriers and storm the federal building. I know you remember when BLM protesters gathered near the federal buildings…There was no way they were getting close to breaching it without getting shot and killed. Pro Trump protesters got in within minutes without violence from law enforcement. Believe it or not, there were officers of the law taking selfies with the violators when they were in the capital. I’m just sick.

Why are they storming the capital? Because their team lost? Shoot, if that’s the case, I want a redo on the Seahawks-Steelers Super bowl. I think the refs stole that from us…I think that’s how it works right? Yeah, not so much. I’m all for protesting for what you believe in, but do it peacefully and get your elected officials involved to make change. After all of the violence today, there is one good thing that may come from this. Pro-Trumpers won’t like it. This event may just bring the GOP (the real GOP) together with the Dems to vote to certify the election without protest. That is my hope. We will see what happens.

Baseball is more than a game

America’s pastime is finally here and it is a welcome sight! A lot of people I know do not like watching baseball.  They claim it is boring, slow, and uneventful. Those same people will still go to a baseball game and have a great time. For some people, it’s not about the game play. It is about the atmosphere that baseball brings to our lives. I personally love the game and the battle between batter and pitcher. It’s the smell of hot dogs, garlic fries, and fresh grass. It is the taste of a cold bud light and the sound of vendors yelling “GET YOUR PEANUTS HERE” or “GET YOUR COLD BEER HERE”. When you hear that crack of the bat hitting the baseball for a home run, you get all sorts of crazy even if you don’t know what is going on.

My point is that baseball brings people together in a way that no other sport does. If you don’t like watching baseball, go to the game and hang out in the beer garden such as “The Pen” or “Edgar’s Cantina” at Safeco Field. Embrace that baseball is the start of warm weather, good times, great food, and great entertainment.

I hope everyone has a chance to get out to the ball parks this season whether it is to host a potential business opportunity, a hot date, or enjoy the greatest pastime in America.

Fear is what got me here

What drives me to succeed? How did I make it out of a broken home? I never really asked myself how I became who I am today. I always thought in the moment. “Don’t worry about the past. The past can’t help me now, I’ve climbed out of the darkness.” That is where I was wrong. You have to sometimes live in the past to learn from it. What did I do to make it out of the darkness so I can educate my children, friends, and the public?

Fear. Fear is the answer to how I brought myself out of the darkness. There are other factors as well such as great support from friends and teachers but it starts with the individual. If you don’t let people in, it will be a long journey of life. I was always fearful of losing. Whether it is regarding sports, competitions, school; I hated to lose. The irony in all of this is that I love the aftermath of losing. It builds that chip on my shoulder to strive to be the best.

Growing up, I went through a lot. For most of my childhood, I was raised by a single mother. The most I remember my father was when he was abusive to my mom. My last memory of him was when he had a knife to my mom’s throat. He held us against our will until the police rescued us. I was 5 years old at the time. My mother worked two jobs to raise her two children.

While in my teens, around 15 years old, my mom decided to pick up drinking, smoking, and drugs. Prior, she was sober for 10 years; no smoking or drinking. Things went downhill fast. I found myself with little food at home so I spent most of my time at work, school or at a friend’s house. Sports, marching band, and comradery saved my life.

I remember looking around at school and noticing other kids in my situation. They were always in detention, smoking, drinking and getting bad grades. I told myself that I will not be like them. I feared being like them. I had to work harder, longer, and smarter than everyone else in order to succeed. If I wasn’t at drumline practice, I was at work or in the band room studying.

In the end, I ended up being the first in my family to graduate high school and go to college. I joined the Air Force as a Security Forces member after a year of college because I didn’t see myself going places in my current situation. At age 19, I went to war in Iraq and broke my back. That still didn’t prevent me from succeeding. When I was in my early 20’s, my mother died of pneumonia due to her drug and alcohol use. Once again, I refused to let those events shape my life in a negative way. After the military, I enrolled in college and received my BA in IT Administrative Management. The first in my family to ever graduate college.

I am now 27 years old with a great career. Fear is not something to be afraid of. Fear stands for Face Everything and Rise. I will always take on challenges to better myself and to show my children that fear is what shapes your mindset. I hope my story will help others who think it’s impossible to rise above the negative cloud that surrounds them.