It’s Simple. Just Smile!

It is worth repeating. These times are TOUGH! There is a perfect storm going on and a lot of us are having a really tough time moving through the storm. What kind of storm? We have Covid-19 Delta variant and social media. Combine those two, you have a deadly recipe. How can you survive with so many factors going against you? Everywhere you look just adds more stress to your body. I have 3 things you can do that has helped me throughout my life. Based on the title, you might have an idea what one of those things are.

Number 1: get your endorphins flowing. Take a walk around the neighborhood, apartment complex, backyard, where ever you can. Studies have proven exercise (even walking) can improve your outlook.

Number 2: as silly as some may think this is, write down your thoughts. Write down your negative thoughts and positive thoughts. President Lincoln, having a disagreement with his war secretary Stanton, told Stanton to write down what he would want from Lincoln. Once Stanton was done with his letter, Lincoln told him to throw it in the fire without even reading it. When asked why he wanted Stanton to write the letter knowing he was going to throw it out, Lincoln responded essentially that he always feels better when he writes out his frustrations.

Number 3: this one is simple. Just smile. Go in to a mirror and grin from ear to ear until you look so silly it makes you laugh. The act of smiling ties into releasing your endorphins. When you smile, your brain releases tiny molecules that help combats stress.

Like most things in life, it takes time. Repetition repetition repetition. Don’t get too down on yourself. Always remember that life is a roller coaster. You will have your bad days and your good days. When in doubt, just smile.

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