The Toughest Question

What do you want to do? That is the toughest question I have come across. The question is so simple though. How come it is so hard to answer? In this context, I’m not talking about food or an activity. I’m talking about your career. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? What trajectory do you want to go? I struggle with these questions. I’ll give you a glimpse into why I struggle with these types of questions. Maybe it will spark something in you reading this or in me when I’m writing this. That is the beauty of writing, isn’t it?

Growing up in a broken home, those of you that can relate know what I’m talking about, I didn’t have the luxury of thinking about what I wanted to do. I needed to keep my head above water. At 15, I decided to leave my drug-infested home. I Needed to get a job to support myself. I don’t like taking handouts. Still don’t. Fast forward a bit, I decided to go to the military where I was told what to do and how to do it. You give me an order and I’ll get it done. You give me an order to lead a team, I’ll lead a team. I loved the military. It gave me a sense of family. I made a difference in the World. I got injured in Iraq, which ended my military service. It was a hard reality. After getting out, I needed to support myself while changing careers. I worked different types of odd jobs while utilizing the GI Bill because I needed to.

I’m at a point in my career where I have the option to WANT. But what do I want to do? I know I want to keep improving. I want to take the next step forward. Again, what does that mean? For me, I’m learning what makes me happy. It isn’t money. I can care less about how much I’m making. Having said that, I know my worth. What makes me happy is making a difference. Why do you think I’ve been in the Air Force and then Senior Living? I don’t like to be stagnant. If I’m not learning or improving, I’m not living. I still haven’t answered this question in detail though. The way I’m attacking this question is keep learning about myself. We all have that feeling in our heart when we know what is right and what is wrong regarding career paths. Some of us ignore it but deep down we know. I suggest taking a trip to your past. You might look back and start putting 2 and 2 together. There is no better teacher than time.

Knowing what you want to do is tough to answer. Sometimes, you might need to keep plowing through this adventure we call life in order to get to the point where we can answer that question. Once you have that answer, we go back on that journey to answer the next “what do you want to do” question. For me, as long as I’m helping others and making an impact, I’m in my happy place.

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