1st COVID-19 Shot

Today has been a historic day. The obvious news of the 2nd impeachment of our President. The not-so-obvious is the COVID-19 vaccine distribution. I had the opportunity to get my first dose of the Moderna vaccine today! I work in the senior living industry. The excitement of hope is overwhelming. The hope that we can get our senior living residents safe and back to a sense of normalcy. As I’m writing, our communities are getting vaccinated. We aren’t out of the woods but its a great start to 2021 to end this pandemic.

As far as any side effects, I’ll be updated my experience every day. So far, I feel great. It feels very similar to any flu shot I’ve received in the past. My arm is a bit tender but that is about it. If you have the opportunity to get the vaccine, please do. If not for yourself, please do it for those around you. I understand the hesitancy but trust your medical community. The medical community care about health…not politics.

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