Some people are built different

You hear this statement quite often when you are watching sports, in particular. Some people are built different. DeVonta Adams, WR from Alabama is built different than other WRs in college football. I think he is gifted for sure and will go down as one of the best WRs in college football. Is he built different? Physically, nope. I think its more than that. I honestly believe anyone can be as good as the next person. It sounds clichĂ© but there is a reason for it. You can do anything you put your mind to. Some times, it’s not about the physical attributes that sets you apart. That certainly plays a part in the whole picture. Let’s take Tom Brady for an example. I sports-hate Tom Brady. I still think he is one of the greatest QBs of all time…I still sports-hate him for what he did to my Seahawks. Anyway, Tom Brady wasn’t the most gifted athlete. He wasn’t even a starter in college until his 3rd year. What sets him apart from others? He has a drive inside him that not many have. He understood at an early age that he wasn’t the most athletic but he can supplement that with hard work. The secret to winning a competition is hard work, consistency, and repetition. The one thing I’d say to DeVonta Adams and other talented draft picks is stay humble and prove every day that you are the best.

This concept is not just in sports. You see it in the workforce. You have some people that were “given” the opportunity such as family or close friends; not unlike those who have pure talent in sports. They are protected assets. They didn’t necessarily have to grind to move up but know the right people. Then you have those who have to grind every day just to gain an inch. I’m looking at those in poverty and women. The moment those people get in a position they worked so hard to get to, you won’t find a harder working individual. Part of the reason is because in their mind, they aren’t supposed to be there statistically. Once you’ve been at the bottom and you climb your way out, there is no way you are going back. I’ll take anyone that has seen bottom over someone who was given the opportunity. So do you think people are built different? I think they journey defines the person. The beauty of a journey is that there is always opportunity to take a different path.

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