How do you lose yourself?

We are living in this pandemic where there is a lot of uncertainty. How do you lose yourself? What I mean is, how do you remove yourself from social media and just work on your well-being? My go-to is music. Today, I made it a point to turn off NPR and turn on music that I know every word to. My usual go-to when I need to just get in a thinking mood is a mix of Goo Goo Dolls, Baby Face, and Garth Brooks. A little mix of many genres but it works for me.

In this age of uncertainty, sometimes we need to just lose ourselves from reality. The other night, I had to turn off the TV and start a yoga session. Those 45 minutes of yoga was so soothing. I almost forgot how that felt! What ever your vice is to lose yourself, even for a few moments, please take care of your well-being. I would love to hear what works for you. Who knows? It might help other readers start something new.

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