2020 Season 2 Episode 2

Yesterday had to be the most I have watched cable news in a long time. It’s not because I truly desire misery. I think it’s because the events that unfolded were historically unbelievable. I am watching history. My future children are going to ask about this day, along with 9/11, start of the Iraq War, the great recession and the pandemic…Wow. I better start writing down my thoughts now before I lose my memory orbs (Inside Out reference).

What unfolded last night? Was I right about unity in Congress? We went from having Senators from Georgia, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Nevada (probably more) noting they are going to contest the electoral college results to only a select few that contested Pennsylvania and Arizona. I will take that as a win. We got to see Lindsay Graham and Kelly Loeffler have a change in heart. By no means does this make them a hero. It did show a sense of unity in the Senate. Overall, I’m glad to see congress confirm the election results.

I have a good feeling 2020 Season 2 will have some great feel-good moments. Personally, I’m going to keep powering through my Yoga with Adriene sessions to get my body and mind right. Like Adriene says, the hardest part is showing up.

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